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Christopher McCann | July 5th 2017

A massive contract award by NHS England

I am thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a £1 million SBRI healthcare development contract by NHS England. The contract supports the company to further scale our technology and provides critical validation funding for two clinical studies with NHS Fife and with NHS Lothian’s Emergency Medicine Research Group Edinburgh (EMERGE) based in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

In an ideal world, we’d all have our own dedicated doctor sitting with us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But, with increasing pressure on healthcare systems and challenges in prioritising competing demands, access to doctors and nurses is at a premium. Our society simply cannot afford one-to-one care – snap40 changes that. It allows our world-class healthcare staff to care for many more patients by helping them to prioritise who needs attention most. This contract from NHS England is a recognition of the value our product can bring to health services all over the world.

With the elderly population rapidly expanding and requiring far more health and care resources, snap40 is a catalyst for change in health and care pathways to meet these resource challenges.

Dr Amanda Wood, NHS Fife Assistant R&D Director said: “NHS Fife has a long history of supporting new technology that can improve patient care and help us improve delivery of services. We are delighted to continue collaborating with snap40. Their product has the potential to change how we deliver healthcare.”

Karen Livingstone, National Director SBRI Healthcare said: “People are increasingly taking control of their own health, using tools to inform their behaviours and decisions. Artificial intelligence technology is becoming more and more powerful, and will play an increasing role in healthcare over the coming years. We’re excited to be working with snap40 to explore how application of the technology can monitor patients’ vital signs and help predict patient deterioration.”

This contract continues the extraordinary progress we have made over the last year, with CE marking expected next month.

Christopher McCann | February 20th 2017

We are on BBC Breakfast alongside NHS Fife

Some of you may have spotted us on BBC Breakfast this morning, alongside NHS Fife. It was a fantastic piece about the amazing work NHS Fife is doing to improve patient safety in the UK. That is what makes what we are doing so exciting - we have the opportunity to help create a healthier society - and it was great to share in that moment with our friends at NHS Fife.

Healthcare is changing and snap40 can help drive many of the new models of care that are evolving. As the demand on hospital resources increase and the pressure on emergency departments continues to grow, hospital management teams are looking to new ways of delivering healthcare. Patients are increasingly now cared for at home following earlier discharge or hospital admission is avoided all together, with new clinical teams now being set up to care for these patients in the community.

snap40 helps clinicians, nurses and health services to identify those at high risk of deteriorating by automatically detecting the warning signs.

The report is available here with the piece beginning about 20 minutes and 30 seconds in.

Sally Bowie | February 10th 2017

We have secured a seven figure seed investment!

We have big news! We have secured £2 million in funding in what is thought to be the largest ever seed round by a Scotland-based startup.

The first tranche of the investment - led by Edinburgh-based investment firm Par Equity - closed at the end of September and will allow the company to grow its already highly skilled engineering and data science team, complete clinical trials and gain regulatory clearance, opening up the entire EU market. The company also plans to move quickly into the US market, opening a US office in 2017.

Christopher McCann said “This investment is based on the strength of our product and the progress of our amazing team. We are excited to work with Par Equity and the rest of our shareholders as we build snap40 into a dominant player in the global people-health monitoring market. We have a product that can save lives, while providing clinical and economic benefits to health services.”

Robert Higginson, Partner at Par Equity, said “We are delighted to be supporting snap40, a business with an ambitious vision for the future. The team has already demonstrated the ability to deliver to its plan, which is why we are supporting the business from such an early stage. This is a global market with significant potential and we believe snap40 is the company to succeed.”

The company has already built a core team of 5 and is recruiting a further 4 software engineers and data scientists over the coming 5 months, as well as building its commercial team during 2017. snap40 is currently demonstrating the performance of its product in a major clinical trial at a UK hospital and will be on the market in early 2017. The company has substantial customer interest already, including a contract with NHS England via the SBRI contracting process, the first phase of which has been successfully delivered.

Christopher McCann | October 12th 2016

snap40 is recruiting

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that the snap40 team is expanding. We are currently a tight knit family of 5 and we are now recruiting for 2 software engineers, a and an embedded software engineer to join our merry band of experts, scientists and company builders.

Over the last few months, we have been beavering away on our product, starting our first clinical study and learning. We are looking for people who want to join a fast-growing health tech startup and work with us to build a dominant player in the people health monitoring market.

Christopher McCann | October 11th 2016

snap40 have joined the London Stock Exchange ELITE Program

I am super excited to announce that we have joined the sixth cohort of the London Stock Exchange ELITE programme, designed for high-growth companies with global ambitions. Yesterday, I attended the launch reception and the first day of the programme, held at the London Stock Exchange building in Paternoster Square.

Along with 15 other businesses, spanning fintech to construction to healthcare, snap40 joins companies like Graze and Van Elle, who have been part of previous ELITE cohorts.

Christopher McCann | April 28th 2016

snap40 wins place on first ever Mayo Clinic Global Business Immersion Program

I am really excited to be in the USA for 2 weeks scoping out our major target market. My trip is based around a week at the prestigious Mayo Clinic who are running their first ever Global Business Immersion Programme this week. snap40 is one of only 5 companies from around the world selected in a competitive process – and the only one from the UK! The idea behind the programme is to make 2-way connections between innovative technology companies and deliverers of health and social care at Mayo. Mayo Clinic’s primary value is that the needs of the patient come first. We are passionate about safer quality patient outcomes and the key for us is to fit seamlessly into any health delivery patient pathway.

snap40 allows healthcare delivery networks, like Mayo Clinic, to manage patients safely in whatever the most appropriate environment for health and care – we allow patients to be discharged home earlier and safer and we help prevent unnecessary readmissions. That is why we want to work with Mayo Clinic in understanding the processes so that we can offer and deliver an amazing solution to them. We have unprecedented access to frontline physicians and clinical business leaders to gain key insights and then deliver real patient outcome values to healthcare delivery networks such as Mayo.

I’m here to learn and gain valuable feedback for our business development and growth; but I’m also hear to deliver. So far the interest levels have been massive and we even made the TV!

David Bowie | April 26th 2016

John Peebles joins snap40 as Non-Executive Director

I am delighted to welcome John Peebles, CEO of Administrate, to the board of snap40 as non-executive director.

I’ve spent the last couple of months getting to know John and I am very excited to welcome him to the board – he is a world-class leader focussed on delivering outstanding products to his customers. As CEO of Administrate, he has raised over $5 million dollars, grown the company to over 40 people and established it as one of Europe’s fastest growing technology companies.

John brings extensive experience in the US healthcare market and in technology, being the former CIO and VP of Operations at Sentry Data Systems, based in Florida.

We’ve put a lot of time into growing our team and building our board. We are creating a global business and I want to surround us with passionate individuals who can challenge us, push us and constantly encourage us to go further and do better. John is the perfect fit and I look forward to working with him.

Christopher McCann | April 19th 2016

Michael Rieder Joins snap40 as Non-Executive Director

Towards the start of my international career in the medical technology business I worked for a German business with a fabulous reputation for quality products – Draeger. At that time, I was based at Draeger’s HQ in Germany. One of my first jobs was in the export division with responsibility for Eastern Europe and I was privileged to work for a fantastic Director, Michael Rieder for several years – he also gave me the opportunity to work in South Korea for 3 months. Michael studied commerce and has spent most of his career in international industries from chemicals, oil and gas and medical equipment. After Draeger, Michael joined Maquet, part of the global Getinge group, where he was Executive Vice President for Getinge Medical Systems and Managing Director responsible for sales of $1.5bn and 6,000 employees.

After so many years I am absolutely delighted to announce that Michael and I will be working together again as Michael has joined the Board of snap40 as a non-executive director. The wealth of experience he brings will be invaluable as we grow and start to really build our traction in the international market place.

We are all extremely excited to have Michael with us on this journey and I am particularly excited to be making this announcement. Welcome to snap40, Michael.

David Bowie | April 6th 2016

snap40 have won an SBRI Healthcare Development Contract

I am thrilled to announce that snap40 have won an SBRI Healthcare Development Contract. We are one of only two companies in Scotland ever to have been awarded a contract through SBRI and is significant commercial validation of snap40's proposition.

This contract will see snap40 implement our solution in an emergency department, demonstrating its benefits to patients, healthcare staff and health service. Our team are already feverishly working away on delivering this and we look forward to sharing our progress throughout the coming months. We are laser focussed on providing an amazing service, allowing us to build robust evidence that will help us scale quickly in the UK and internationally. It is yet another key milestone achieved by our small, passionate and highly-skilled team.

The Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare (SBRI Healthcare) is an NHS England initiative, championed by the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), whose role is to promote UK economic growth by spreading innovation and best practice across the NHS. The SBRI Healthcare competitions are launched on a biannual basis and result in fully funded development contracts between the awarded company and NHS England to meet known healthcare need.

Christopher McCann | March 30th 2016