We offer long-term monitoring and engagement with your highest-risk, highest-complexity patients, reducing presentations to the ER and utilization while improving quality measures.

Monitor Chronic Deterioration, Rehabilitation and Response to Therapy

Engaging closely with high-risk and complex patients can produce better patient outcomes and reduce cost. We allow providers and professionals to monitor acute and chronic changes in patient health, allowing earlier primary care intervention and preventing ER presentation. This can improve quality measures while keeping the patient healthy and happy at home.

Obtain Holistic and Continuous View of Patient Health

Our product allows tracking of both real-time vital signs, such as oxygen saturation and respiratory rate, and spot measurements from other devices such as weighing scales and glucose monitors. This allows a complete and holistic view of patient health. Moreover, alerts can be set to trigger when a patient shows signs of acute or chronic deterioration.

Improve Patient Engagement and Self-Management

The patient, or their families, can be provided with access to their own health data, improving engagement. Alerts can be sent first to the patient themselves, coupled with physician instructions. This allows, in the first instance, the patient to self-manage. If deterioration continues, an alert can escalate to the physician, maintaining patient safety.