By identifying the early warning signs of deterioration automatically, snap40 helps physicians and nurses to intervene far earlier.

A Safety Net Wherever The Patient Goes

Our wearable device is discreet, with no leads or wires, allowing the patient to roam freely in the hospital, secure in the knowledge they are being continuously monitored. If they begin to deteriorate, an alert will be immediately sent.

Improved Patient Outcomes & Experience

Earlier detection can produce improved patient outcomes through prevention or mitigation of deterioration. Moreover, patients feel secure and safe and can be moved to a lower acuity environment earlier.

Improve Patient Flow

By understanding patient risk in real-time, patients can be moved to lower acuity and cost settings earlier, freeing up precious resources like ICU and ER beds. We ease flow through the hospital and back out into the home.

Reduce Pressure on Staff

Physician and nursing staff will be notified of patient deterioration no matter where they are in the hospital. Staff are freed up from the manual task of taking vital sign observations and able to focus on higher value patient care duties.