Real-time early warning alerts are automatically sent to the physician or nurse allowing them to intervene far earlier than would be possible with manual vital sign observations.

Custom Scoring

A patient's early warning score is calculated via a physician/nurse set custom score for that patient. This reduces alarm fatigue by ensuring a score is tailored to a patient's specific medical history.

Access Real-Time Physiologic Data

After receiving an alert, physicians & nurses can access real-time vital sign data on the patient to monitor their condition - no matter where they are. This helps physicians and nurses priotize their case load.

Continual Feedback and Improvement

Physicians and nurses can feedback on alerts that have been sent. This allows for a process of continual improvement and learning in snap40's alerting system, further reducing alarm fatigue.

Escalation Procedure

Alerts are sent based on a customer-set escalation procedure, that can involve multiple members of the physician or nursing team. This can minimise the impact of human factors on detection of deterioration.