Real-time early warning alerts are automatically sent to the professional or care manager allowing dramatically earlier intervention.

Custom Scoring

A patient's early warning score is calculated via a custom score set by the professional for that patient. This reduces alarm fatigue by ensuring a score is tailored to a patient's specific medical history.

Patient Engagement

Alerts can be sent to the patient, or their families, along with instructions from the physician. This allows the patient to self-manage and can reduce the demand on healthcare professionals.

Continual Feedback and Improvement

Physicians and nurses can feedback on alerts that have been sent. This allows for a process of continual improvement and learning in snap40's alerting system, further reducing alarm fatigue.

Escalation Procedure

Alerts are sent based on a escalation procedure that can involve multiple members of the medical, nursing or care management team. This minimises the impact of human factors on recognition of deterioration.