By recognising the early warning signs of deterioration automatically, snap40 helps physicians, nurses and rapid response teams to intervene earlier

Free Up Nurses from Vital Sign Collection

Healthcare providers tell us that their nursing staff spend 2 hours in every 12 hour shift just capturing vital sign observations. With snap40, it takes only 2 minutes. We offer a complete set of vital signs to be captured continuously, with automated alerts. The data can also be integrated straight into your EMR.

Significantly Improve Patient Safety

Healthcare professionals are increasingly required to care for patients spread across the entire hospital. We can notify physicians and nurses of a deteriorating patient no matter where they are. Earlier recognition of deterioration, such as due to sepsis, can improve outcomes but also reduce cost.

Improve Patient Flow & Reduce LOS

By understanding patient risk in real-time, patients can be moved to lower acuity and cost settings earlier, freeing up precious resources like ICU and ER beds. For example, frequently a patient may be admitted to ICU where a step-down unit bed is not available. With snap40, they can be monitored continuously on the medical floor.

Improve Patient Outcomes & Experience

Patients tell us that snap40 makes them feel more secure and safer with the knowledge that they are being continuously monitored. By recognising deterioration earlier, evidence shows that mortality and morbidity can be greatly improved. This creates a better patient experience and has the potential to reduce negligence claims.