By grouping patients according to risk, physicians and nurses can quickly identify those that need their attention most.

Real-Time Vital Signs Data

Physician and nursing staff can access real-time vital signs for a patient at any time, as well as historical vital signs and trends allowing a live understanding of the patients health. This can provide significant context during a ward round or clinical review.

Access From Any Authorised Location

Physician and nursing staff can be spread across a large estate, but snap40 allows those staff to access patient health data from any authorised location or device. This allows staff to check in on patient health, even if they are not at that patients bedside.

Patients Grouped According to Risk

By grouping patients according to risk, based on a customer-set risk thresholds, physician and nursing staff can easily identify those patients at highest risk without having to search.

A Helping Hand

When physician and nursing staff are overloaded, snap40 is an important safety tool allowing them to keep an eye on patients across the hospital or those at home allowing re-prioritization as necessary.