Reduce ED visits, emergency readmissions and mortality in the high risk and expensive 30 day post discharge period.

Earlier awareness of at risk patients allows earlier, scheduled intervention, such as a clinic visit or a home health visit.

Free home healthcare and hospital at home teams from making calls or home visits just to collect vital signs data.

Improve quality metrics and reduce financial penalties, such as through CMS HRRP or the NHS 30-Day Readmission Rule.

Review patient health in real-time or during office hours

Make earlier decisions based on objective data to reduce mortality and improve patient outcomes and experience.

  • Deliver healthcare proactively, supported by real data
  • Establish richer patient baselines to support decision-making
  • Review health trends and data at the appropriate time for you
  • Review data on the go, through our mobile application, or from your internet browser
  • Hospital at home teams, home health teams and early supported discharge teams can prioritize care

Reduce unscheduled care costs, readmissions and ER visits through earlier intervention

Automated alerts bring earlier attention to at risk patients allowing earlier scheduled or emergency intervention.

  • Customize alerts on a per-patient basis, based on rules that take into account baseline and trends
  • Create both acute alerts, such as a desaturation event, or a chronic alert, such as an increase in weight and blood pressure
  • Alerts can be reviewed during office hours or can trigger a notification for real-time action
  • Optionally, send alerts directly to the patient allowing self-management

Reduce or prioritize hospital at home and home health visits.

Provide home healthcare teams with real-time data and free them from making visits just to collect health data.

  • Prioritize home visits based on objective data
  • Increase the number of patients a hospital at home team can manage with existing resources
  • Help reassure patients by creating a constant connection to the home healthcare team

Zero manual entry. Wireless, passive collection.

Phoning in or manually entering results is a thing of the past. We collect data invisibly.

  • Improve adherence and compliance by freeing the patient from manual input
  • Other indicators, such as weight and glucose can be captured seamlessly through wireless integration with a range of other devices
  • Patient's tell us they forget they are wearing our device within 15 minutes

Monitor physiologic and patient response to therapies and rehabilitation

Real-time objective health data to assess response to pharmacotherapies and other treatments.

  • Objectively monitor patient physiologic and health response
  • Monitor high fidelity motion data to track response to rehabilitation
  • Make earlier, appropriate treatment change to ensure optimal outcomes
  • Monitor adherence and compliance to therapies based on response

No internet required in patient's home

Our Homehub allows plug and play installation at home, increasing patient adherence. It transmits data over the cellular network to our platform.

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